Jon Williamson

.... uses both new materials and redeployed components drawn from redundant objects such as typewriters and computers. Williamson finds beauty in these components and the way they have been industrially crafted. He also draws inspiration from their mass-produced repeated forms, seeing in these both decorative potential and structural propositions such as those also seen in his use of woven metal rings. The manipulation of materials to produce unique objects is important to Williamson, both to achieve the particular quality he desires and to sustain his own interest in the objects he makes. While he makes use of pre-existing components, newly made and redeployed, Williamson also carves, casts, burnishes and blackens materials to achieve his desired end. ... the components of his jewellery retain their identity and history, but by conjunction and context, acquire a new and distinct narrative.

Peter Hughes
Facture catalogue essay 2008


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